Thursday, 21 June 2018

Anti Terror Combat is now Blackcombat

Dear friends

the following information concerns you, as a member of Anti Terror Combat and an important martial artist.
Anti Terror Combat, the worldwide organisation for self defence since 2012 has now merged with BlackCombat and will operate in future under

the new brand BlackCombat.

From now on, you can find all of our services at and there will be updates, interesting news and information from HQ on this blog too. No changes to your membership if you have replied to the personal letter sent to you by HQ.

Welcome and don't forget
Life is a fight

Thank you for placing your trust in us and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship together, which has been made even more efficient thanks to the new brand BlackCombat.

Kind regards

The President / Grandmaster Horst D. Lindenau

Anti Terror Combat renamed to BlackCombat

Today on this day the 21st of June 2018 BlackCombat martial arts organisation was born. Originally operated under the brand of Anti Terror Combat the new name BlackCombat represents much better what we stand for.
A eradicative and hard-line organisation which promotes, supports, teaches and studies the self defence all over the world. we have no exclusion when it comes to effective and straight forward self defence. Our motto is:

Life is a fight

And we win it!

All members of Anti Terror Combat are invited to continue their good membership with the new BlackCombat martial arts organisation. 

The logo of our precursor - Anti Terror Combat

BlackCombat stands for real self defence experts