Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Grandmaster Horst D. Lindenau talks about the KI energy

This excerpt is a reading from BlackCombat Grandmaster Horst D. Lindenau s next book "My way with Jiu-Jitsu". We like to give a little taste what he writes about the universal power of KI. We need this supra power and energy to understand very well and act accordingly with it. Only this way our self defence skills will work as they supposed to.

Grandmaster writes ..."Success takes focus, desire, effort, hard work, determination and perseverance.
Ichinen covers them all and chanting for what you want to achieve makes your Ichinen stronger and stronger.

In this context, it is a good idea to talk about KI. I give you some thoughts about KI, the universal power and energy – the source and motor for everything.

The universe supplied each of us with a good boat and strong oars. This boat is our body and we cruise through life with it. To recognize, develop and use all the best which is in our boat, this universal KI power is the key to run someone’s life happy and successful.
And this KI is not only inside us humans.  All creatures, even a tree, a blade of grass, a stone, the water and the air lives of and through KI. Everything is therefore a part of this universe, where everything comes from.

Our life is part of this universal KI. As we are a part of the universe, we breathe KI and when this connection is working well, we are healthy and happy. When the KI becomes weak, we become slack and if the flow stops > we die!"... Page 66 / My way with Jiu-Jitsu / Amazon books 2018

Cranes are flying the blue sky. Shared KI energy.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Represent your country with BlackCombat

BlackCombat calls for national Commander

Within the BlackCombat organisation, each country is run by an independent Commander. If you are a serious martial artist with a decent background in self defence and you are looking for a new challenge, we would appreciate to hear from you. Contact BlackCombat headquarters via email to HQ .

Your present martial art style is very welcome, as long you have good skills in self defence and are willing to study new skills and techniques. You will have the full support of the worldwide organisation. You entirely keep doing your own style. After recognition, you get awarded a rank within our BlackCombat organisation. The degree depends on your current experience and graduation + the effort you are willing to bring in.

Are you interested?

Don’t hesitate >>> get in touch now.

As a national Commander you are entitled to grade your own students, host seminars and promote the BlackCombat system.

If you are not available for the commander position, we can award you with an appropriate Dan grade according to your knowledge, dedication and actual grade in the martial arts. 

Join us at the international brotherhood of BlackCombat now speak to HQ directly

Have you got the power to become a commander?

BlackCombat self defence organisation is looking worldwide for new commanders.
As a regional commander you are the representative of BlackCombat international.
Depending on your knowledge and possibilities, you can become a commander of a whole national country or aswell of parts of a country.

Today we introduce you to Commander Master Lewis A. Harris. Lewis lives in the South West of England and is 66 years of age. He is not only an enthusiast in the martial arts, but one of the fittest 66 year old I came across. See Master Lewis with full split...

Lewis is Commander England and promotes this self defence system in the south of the UK.

If you like to become one of BlackCombat's independent commanders get in contact with the  BlackCombat headquarters.

Great to hear from you!

BlackCombat Commander England 1st Dan Lewis A. Harris

Monday, 29 October 2018

This is BlackCombat

This is BlackCombat

Martial arts have been known since mankind is on this planet. There were always reasons to fight each other. And since then nothing has changed, only the methods to fight.

BlackCombat is the most modern system for personal self defence. Most modern because it is updated as soon as the situation out in the real word requires it. We are not living in a Dojo and we do not train for any sports and medals.

BlackCombat does not have fixed techniques. It promotes reaction to a certain situation.

BlackCombat rank and membership identifies someone who is an expert in self defence.

BlackCombat is a strong international brotherhood to assist and protect each other.

BlackCombat knows only one purpose > and that is called: Stay safe!

BlackCombat honours his graduates as experts in the field of self defence.

BlackCombat is your self defence only.

The world of street fighting, domestic violence, rape and harassment is not the same than at the time of our childhood. That’s why we need this BlackCombat system. Combat against real dangerous situations.

You have already martial art knowledge and good skills in self defence and you want a special recognition of your knowledge?

Than you can join BlackCombat and we will recognize your grade after approval and issue you the new BlackCombat certificate.

You need to have already certain skills otherwise we won’t accept you. This makes sure that the graduate understands the basics of martial arts, has a foot in combat and fighting and is willing to harden up and put the new skills on top of his knowledge. Any Dan grade will be recognized and transferred 1:1 if the circumstances are right and a focus on self defence is proven.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

BlackCombat promotes realistic self defence - No sports!

When it comes to self defence the martial art skills need to include a profound training with weapons. We are not talking about ancient or ornamental weapons, as often used or found for kata training. Real weapons are those they are used by the common attacker in today's climate of violence and street fights.

This training includes natural and unnatural weapons. Todays example, sharp edged objects, as knives, scissors, screwdriver or broken bottle.

Selection of knives from BlackCombat seminar 2018 with GM Horst D. Lindenau

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Master Don VanHandel first BlackCombat member in the United States of America

Mr. Don VanHandel from New Mexico is the first US American who joined the BlackCombat organisation this month. Don, an experienced 2nd Dan grade in Kenpo Karate and Lung Fu Do Karate Systems became a full member of BlackCombat on the 21.10.2018

BlackCombat president GM Horst D. Lindenau from the UK could present Don the highly valuable 2nd Dan grade certificate BlackCombat. Don has proved a special knowledge and activity in the field of self defence and he will contribute in the future with his skills to the BlackCombat international brotherhood.

Very warm welcome master Don from headquarters! We are proud to have you in our ranks.

Friday, 26 October 2018

A little bit of fun is always good

At BlackCombat we run a challenge. The goal is, to take a photo of you in your BlackCombat T-shirt and send it to headquarters via . The photo taken at the highest location will lead the challenge. So please state your name, location, date and height.

Ok, off we go > big smile for the photo!!!

Colmers Hill, Symondsbury, Dorset/UK 127 meters high 24.08.2018

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Get your BlackCombat member card - Join today!

BlackCombat fighter (SW England) promote the new member card
Everybody interested in martial arts and especially in self defence can join BlackCombat. Just drop us a line by using the contact form on this blog and write directly to headquarters.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

New blog for BlackCombat headquarters

This is the official blog from BlackCombat headquarters. We report about the activities from all around the world regarding BlackCombat, self defence and sometimes martial arts in general.