Tuesday, 15 January 2019

BlackCombat goes Ireland

Mid May 2019 BlackCombat grand master Horst D. Lindenau (6.Dan) visits Ireland for some special training. This is part of the world tour to develop and introduce this BlackCombat system internationally. The base in Ireland will be the town of Westport in County Mayo. we will keep you informed on this blog.
At present headquarters gets in contact with the various martial artist and clubs in Westport
There is a busy martial arts community in Westport

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Weapon training at BlackCombat HQ

The BlackCombat SW England branch did some weapon drills today at the headquarters.

As we go now through the requirements for the 1. Dan black belt every regular Sunday training, we looked today into various weapons. Defence against long stick and base bat with simultaneous two attackers or two defenders. 

Before any physical action in a self defence situation it is of good value if not most important to do a kind of assessment. Who is attacking? How many people involved? Are there any weapons visible? Is it advisable for a preemptive strike? Can I use any unnatural weapons?

For us skilled and trained warriors this assessment is done within seconds. As more you train these situations, as closer you come to the 1-2 second evaluation.

Next weapons in line been the hand gun and a short knife. The last-mentioned needs to be drilled forever, as it is probably the most dangerous menace.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Today > BlackCombat attack drill

Today there is a special BlackCombat attack technique seminar at the headquarters. Plan is to address the importance of a preemptive strike in certain situations. This requires an assessment of the situation beforehand and can be looked at as the more difficult part.

An attack by a skilled BlackCombat practitioner should lead always to success. Means, the people engaged in the scenario will suffer less or in the best case no injury or damage.

Photos to follow...